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TGIF! It is Good

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: ~ Psalm 92:1


I think there is a different type of excitement that occurs on Fridays. Unlike any other day of the week, Friday afternoons hold a different anticipation and a different level of thanks.

There is the thankfulness for being kept another week. We made it through work, school and the various chores of the week. Nothing was strong enough to take us down. We can look back and see how God brought us through every single day.

I found a few articles that speak on the benefits of gratitude. All three are a great read. But I have to add to the benefits below.  For me, there is a great benefit for giving thanks to God. It is being in His presence offering thanks,  praise and adoration. This week, He has continued to be a keeper.

Attitude, Health and Relationships  Being Thankful: How Gratitude Benefits Your Health and Relationships (Caryn Talty)

Reduce Stress, Guarded from Negative Emotions, Relationships, Health THE GRATITUDE ADVANTAGE: FOUR WAYS GIVING THANKS IMPROVES YOUR LIFE  (Michael Hyatt)

10 (biblical) Benefits of Being Thankful Benefits of Gratitude , (Erica Mason)

Take some time this afternoon to give thanks and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce, minister, author, blogger and sipper of tea




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And We are Glad…

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad. ~ Proverbs 12:25

How much did you hear today? These days, we ‘hear’ from many sources. There is Social Media, radio, live streams, news feeds, emails, text messages, and private inboxes. We can hear at least 100 voices and opinions before leaving our homes in the morning.

Listening to so many opinions can be overwhelming. Stress and anxiety can have a negative effect on our bodies and our hearts.

A good word can counteract these effects. Take a midday walk, step away from the desk, look away from social media. Recharge your day with a scripture, a devotional or a positive word. Then be sure to make someone else’s heart glad by sharing a good word.

Recharge your day and enjoy tea time!

Afternoon Tea with Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger





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He’s a Keeper

I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.  My help cometh from the Lord, which made Heaven and earth, he will not suffer thy foot to be moved.  He that keeps thee will not slumber. ~ Psalms 121:1 -2

I can humbly say that I was a worrier. I worried about everything; money, bills, where my next meal would come from. I couldn’t turn the thinking part of my mind off.  And it took God taking all of my resources and supply away, in order to get through to me.

I learned that when God says that He will supply, that is exactly what He will do. It may not be when we expect him to show up, but by Him being the God that he is, he will show up on his time and not ours.  When you don’t see immediate results, don’t get mad, just call on His name and he will give you the strength to bear whatever it is you are facing.

God told us in his word to look to the hills not man, because that is where our help would be coming from. He will not let anything that is not like him come to harm or destroy us. He even promised that he would give us the desires of our heart. So when you let God know what it is that you need all you have to do is Work your faith and leave your burdens to him, because he is able.

Lift up a praise and live your life in expectancy! Whatever the situation, He is already there and has the solution before the problem occurs.

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Gisselle Baldwin, crocheter, blogger, lover of tea



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A Delay is not a Denial

And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive ~Matthew 21:22


So many people like myself  pray earnestly for whatever we feel needs God’s immediate attention. However, if we have faith and believe that every one of our prayers will be answered, we will see the hand of God work miracles in our lives.

Sometimes we fail to realize is that God is not deaf to our prayers, He hears all of our pleas. At times, I get so caught up in my needs that I don’t even realize when my prayers are being answered. I can be so anxious to get results, that I sometimes come off  demanding to God.

Prayer is how we communicate with God, so when we pray let our prayers be activated through our faith, and know that God said “His word will not return to him void”.

Life can get very hard, and when you feel like giving up, get on your knees, Pray, Pray, and Pray some more. Be thankful even before you get your answer, Remember that a delay is not a denial.

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Gisselle Baldwin, crocheter, blogger, lover of tea


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Get Counsel

Without counsel plans fail,but with many advisers they succeed. ~ Proverbs 15:22

I am a planner by design. I am not as spontaneous as many think I can be. I think things through, analyze and strategize the right approach before doing it. It seems like a long and exhausting process for you to undergo. However, it becomes the best way to design your life or business.

Getting counsel is important when you are ready to take on a new business venture . Don’t plan and despise counsel because you feel threatened by the input of others. I know that everything I have ever planned or done has succeeded based on the counsel and advisers I have had.

There is nothing that will succeed in your life without advisement. I am not saying become co-dependent on others, but seek out those with Wisdom in the area you are looking to grow or develop in your life. I wanted to be successful in healthy eating, and I sought out an adviser to assist.

The problem with non-successful people is they don’t like to seek advisers. Have you ever thought how does an NBA player leave the court and become a business tycoon? They have sought out advisers and wise counsel. Have you wondered why you are not moving forward in your business or personal goals?

Yes, I know we have the Holy Spirit, and people say that is all you need. Well, I challenge you to go further and get wise advisers to help you excel. Business development, cities infrastructure, and nations are not maintained off of the mind of one person. There is always a board of advisers.

Just think, even heaven has a counsel! If God required a council of elders around his throne, why don’t you have a counsel around your business or life goal? Follow the design of God, and success is destined for you.

Now, remember I am a prophetic teacher. So, here is your tea time question

Do you have a counsel of wise advisers around your ventures? If not, why? If so, do you follow or use the advice given?

Sip your tea!

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Samantha Singletary,  MBA , CEO of Royal 8 International Tea, Author, Prophetic Teacher, Mother of 3



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Wisdom Rules

Wisdom makes the wise man stronger than ten rulers of a city. ~ Ecclesiastes 7:19

We never realize how powerful having God’s wisdom can be in our lives.

Throughout our life development, we achieve knowledge through school, mentors, books, television and other various of other sources. However, we never realize that the strength of our character, our success, and fortitude is wisdom.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 1:1, The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of the Lord. We read this scripture to mean fearing him. The beginning of wisdom is the understanding that God is a sovereign, wise ruler, is where wisdom starts to become imparted in our lives.

Have we not challenged ourselves to be smarter than the next person, to only find out we are not wise due to knowledge. Wisdom will lend herself only to those who have to achieve the first golden rule she carries, which is reverence for God. Once you have obtained this, then you can become stronger than the greatest kings over nations. Wisdom will lend to those who seek it through the only provider of it … God.

I love to end your time with questions because being a prophetic teacher I want to challenge you to think.

Have you achieved the first golden rule of wisdom in Proverbs 1:1-2? If, so then are you ready to be made active by wisdom?

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Samantha Singletary,  MBA , CEO of Royal 8 International Tea, Author, Prophetic Teacher, Mother of 3


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The Increase of Wealth

Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase. ~  Proverbs 13:11

The world we live in today, with all of the entertainment, we think wealth comes with such ease. Think. every time you turn the television on you are fooled into believing you can just get wealth dishonestly.

Wealth takes hard work and determination. Money gained by dishonest means, won’t last. You have to obtain wealth the correct way. When you labor for wealth, you will get the increase properly, and it will sustain. Stop looking at others who have gained wealth quickly, and equating this to wealth to God.

While you are building your business, ministry or writing books the recognition may not quickly come. If the monetary gain is not happening fast, don’t cut corners or try to come up with dishonest means to gain the wealth. You just keep working hard staying diligent in your pursuit, and the reward will come.

Ask yourself am I trying to cut corners to gain wealth?

Join us each afternoon with Afternoon Tea and Daily Inspirations

Samantha Singletary,  MBA , CEO of Royal 8 International Tea, Author, Prophetic Teacher, Mother of 3