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Do you have Unclaimed Possessions?

I woke up yesterday morning to a surprise text message. There was a direct deposit made into my bank account. This money came from my former job at the bank.

I have not received money from them since July!

I had an unclaimed possession from my former job. I was not aware of it, and if I had never received it, I would have been none the wiser. I’m thankful to God for His intervention of grace.

In that case, I didn’t know there was anything there for me. However, there are many things that I know ‘rightfully’ belong to me, yet I’ve never, or rarely have made action to claim some of those things.

For example, I have an unclaimed possession of good health. Now, I understand that being my size, I am on the express road to major health issues. But, I also know that I have a promised possession in Christ is that I’m already healed. However, I have not (1) sought God’s plan for my specific deliverance (2) remotely prepared my mind to make lifestyle changes. I walk in disobedience to healthy actions and disbelief of any real consequences. Therefore, my good health remains an unclaimed possession.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
Isaiah 53:5 KJV

We have the right of possession of good health. We are already healed from diseases and sickness, but it is our job to possess the healing. So if, in the future, I should say that my blood glucose is high and I have type 2 diabetes, then remind me that I didn’t possess my good health when I had the opportunity to do so.

For ye shall pass over Jordan to go in to possess the land which the Lord your God giveth you, and ye shall possess it, and dwell therein.
Deuteronomy 11:31 KJV

Remember the Israelites, the generation who took their exodus from Egypt to take their possession. They had the fulfilled promise from God and they knew that the land belonged to them. Yet all but two of that first generation never possessed the inheritance because of disobedience to God’s commandments and disbelief of God’s provision and of consequences to their action.

I have another unclaimed possession example. I still have not picked up the final check from my father’s inheritance ( since 1991). I have been pushed and challenged to simply provide his death certificate. Yet, for years, I’ve walked in disobedience to do it and in disbelief that it will be significantly life-changing. It really shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m not living with my full inheritance because I have settled to live in the wilderness of unclaimed possessions.

Doubtless ye shall not come into the land, concerning which I sware to make you dwell therein, save Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun. But your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, them will I bring in, and they shall know the land which ye have despised.
Numbers 14:30‭-‬31 KJV

The unexpected money was His grace, this inheritance money is still an unclaimed possession. If I continue , I’ll never receive what is mine, I’ll die in the wilderness, and someone else will get to claim what belonged to me.

When we are not obedient to instructions, we walk away from possessions that are rightfully ours. I’m challenging myself to claim every good possession that is rightfully mine, peace, prosperity, prosperous health, wealth that comes from within, blessings pouring out from Windows of heaven… there are so many. It’s time to me to get my head back in the book (The Bible), so that I can stop walking in disbelief and disobedience and begin putting claim on what has been provided for me.

We aren’t on diets, we are possessing our health. We aren’t just giving away money to church, we are possessing our harvest. We aren’t just reading the Word from habit, we are possessing our faith. We aren’t just keeping our thoughts on God, we are possessing our peace…

By the way, there is unlimited coffee at my new job. I know, I can’t drink it all, but wouldn’t it be something if we consumed the Word of God as anxiously as we would consume our coffee?

Ayoka Boyce ~ Author, Minister, Blogger, Lover of Coffee

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Starting With Nothing

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand. ~ Zechariah 4:10

Going forward when you are starting with nothing

For just a few moments today, I got into my feelings. My phone rang with an all too familiar 800 number, followed by an 866 number. Yes, my overdue bills were chasing  me down.

In all honesty, a bit of hopelessness came over me.  But you know, I am not one to quickly give up. I have seen others pull themselves out of deeper holes than this.

Get a True Evaluation

When we feel like we are starting from nothing, we already feel defeated. Remove the emotions and get a true evaluation. We all have something, sometimes it is simply an idea. In my case, I needed to get a true evaluation of what I am working with. When I took a closer look, I found there was still money from my check that I had not touched yet. (You know this made me perk up)

Start from where you are

Who says that success is only defined when things happen suddenly or all at once? Sometimes that successful bank account, idea or credit score will come about only after weeks or months of consistent work. One step at a time will get you to the same destination as one giant leap. However, that giant leap will almost certainly rob us of priceless life lessons that we were destined to learn.

Look at the ant. Ants are small, yet in comparison, they are one of the strongest creatures on earth. It is okay to start small. It is okay to take small and directional steps toward your goal.

As for me, I am switching my mindset to have no more unanswered calls. Time for me to negotiate and pay these things off. I am looking forward to giving testimonies of payoffs!

Stay encouraged through everything! Enjoy your tea and recharge your day.

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of tea





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How’s Your Day

Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me. Psalm 139:10

How has your day been?

Was it good or bad? Are you feeling indifferent about it? I ask this specific question because the first part of my day has felt blah. Had some unexpected surprises and had to answer many emails that seemed redundant. I almost slipped up and said that I am having a bad day. I have been so caught up at work that I almost forgot that my life is more than being here.

No way am I going to pronounce my entire day to be bad when I have not gotten through half of it yet!

How is your day going?

What are the expectations for the rest of your day? When we trust in God’s hand to lead us, we can expect to have a great day. Even in this moment, I still have the expectation that God is leading my paths and that He will uphold me.

As for me, my day is going towards purposeful, blessed, productive and peaceful.

Why worry, when we can trust God. Let Him lead you through the day.

Recharge your day and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of Tea


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A Mind to Work

So we built the wall. And all the wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work. ~ Nehemiah 4:6

‘Good’ teams work together.  ‘Great’ teams work together for a common purpose.

Many of us like to work alone, but collaborations are powerful.  Remember the tower of Babel? The people built together with the purpose of reaching heaven. God stopped them saying “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

God shows up when there is agreement.

Your group may be small or large. But there is power that comes from being on one accord, working for the same purpose. Power and promise arrived in the upper room when the people were of a like mind (Acts 2:1) . Whether it is to bless (Matthew 18:19) or to halt (Genesis 11:9) we can see that God shows up in when there is agreement.

Check your team

Today’s lunch was all about team building. For ninety minutes, we came together, for the same purpose. We left the meeting as a stronger unit, because we went in with the same purpose.

Take a few minutes to see who you are working with. Whether it is collaboration, project or even work or church, be sure that everyone is working towards purpose.

Work together purposely and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of Tea


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What is ‘Controlling’ You

Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me ~ Psalm 119:133


We use that word a lot at my job. Controls are the steps that we have in place to keep us from going off track. Having controls in place keeps deadlines from being missed and it keeps the integrity of our work intact.

In my line of work, I can easily go through four to five audits every year. The one thing that each auditor will do, is search for the controls to verify that they are working. The controls are in place to keep our work from failing.

Controls at work,  and in our personal lives,  keep us from being distracted away from fulfilling purpose. Controls will combat the ‘what if’ and the ‘just in case’.

Here are three controls that we can use daily.

1. Stay alert to immediately recognize a distraction. (It’s never a coincidence that someone will call , text or inbox me when I am writing). Be prepared so that the distraction does not have any power.  I don’t feel guilty anymore that I don’t respond to calls while I’m writing.  

2. Fight to stick to your schedule.You put a schedule in place, so execute it.  If you say you are going to exercise at 5am. Get up and do it. If you designated a time for praying, do it. Be accountable to what you put in place.  This is maturity.

3. Keep records. Start keeping a journal of your accomplishments. Imagine starting off your day by looking at all you accomplished the day before. That is motivation!

Don’t lose the controls. Recharge your day and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, blogger, author, sipper of tea


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I Won’t Complain

Bless our God, O peoples, give Him grateful thanks and make the voice of His praise be heard, ~ Psalm 66:8

Are you a praiser or a complainer?

My mother’s favorite song is “I won’t complain”, the version by the late Rev. Paul Jones. The words of the song explain that in every situation, God is still good. His goodness and mercy will counteract and overpower any negative situation that comes against us.

Whether we have good days or bad days, we still have a right and a responsibility to praise God. Should we offer Him our complaints more than our praise? The songwriter says that if he should count them, he would find that his good days will always outweigh his bad days.

With God, our good moments and hours throughout the day will always outweigh the bad. Take a few moments away to give God thanks, and let the voice of His praise be heard.

By the way, the song is pretty awesome. Click here to listen and recharge your day with thanks. Enjoy your tea!



Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of Tea


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Where is Lunch?

And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. ~ Mark 6:31

Where are you having lunch today? Are you eating at your desk?

Many of us have done this at one time or another,  work through lunch, or if not working, simply eat at the desk. I can honestly say that I did not get any more work done by staying glued to my chair for 8 hours.

Every so often, I used to take my breaks with the smokers. (no one in my department smokes now). I was amazed how they could keep productivity AND take a couple of breaks through the day. I didn’t smoke, but I did enjoy the quick 5 or 6 minutes of being outside.

Even when your day gets busy, take a few minutes away. Your moments of clarity may come while you are resting and eating lunch. Here are a couple of articles on taking a lunch break…

Why You Should Never Eat Lunch at Your Desk, by Lisa Evans lets us know that our brains deserve the chance to rest and refuel. It’s okay to turn things off for a few minutes. The office won’t fall apart in 20 minutes. Breathe!

The Science of Why you Shouldn’t Eat at your Desk , by Jessica Hullinger lets us know that sitting at our desks through lunch can affect our creativity. That is a non-negotiable for this author! Walk away and come back with fresh eyes.

Rest, recharge your day, and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Blogger, sipper of tea




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Save it for Tomorrow

Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father, And give attention that you may gain understanding, ~ Proverbs 4:1

Sunday’s are full of inspiration. Radio stations play inspirational mixes in the mornings. Television and cable shows focus on inspiration and empowerment. Churches are full with people seeking a word. And if you check your email, you will likely find a few emails with inspiring tips for the upcoming week.

What speaks to our attention?

With so much coming at me, I know there is no way that I can retain it all. Not wanting to lose all of the value, I now take steps to make sure that I can recall what has been given

  1. I record the messages. I love to have my headphones on when I’m at work. (I think I work better with them). At least once a week, I listen to the Sunday Morning services or the Tuesday Bible Studies. I use the voice recorder on my phone and name the recordings with the date and speaker
  2. I keep notes. I am pretty sure that my pastor can tell when he says something that really hits home with me. I go from being fully attentive to writing frantically trying to capture something that he said. Yes, I have the recordings, but it does not compare to writing down an insprational thought right then and there.

Be inspired every day.

There is so much value that is given to us on Sundays. If we take intentional actions, we can access that value throughout our week.  I no longer expect to ‘get it all‘ on Sunday. Sometimes, my greatest level of understanding just may come on a Thursday afternoon.

What great information did you hear today that you will intentionally keep with you? Recharge your day with intentional actions. Enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of Tea



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Task Master

But Martha was distracted by her many tasks, and she came up and asked, “Lord, don’t You care that my sister has left me to serve alone? So tell her to give me a hand.” ~ Luke 10:40

It did not take long long for me to get slightly off task today. My plan was to make a quick run to the store and bank, and to be right back in the house.

Well, my mom decided that she would like to ride. So I waited for her to get ready. Then the two stops turned into four stops. Thirty minutes turned into two hours minus the money that I had no intention on spending in Sams Club!

In the midst of that, I had a phone call requesting a ride from one side of town to the other, to wait, then to take back. Had I agreed, it would have taken at least 3 more hours. And I was just reminded of a baby shower that I am supposed to attend this afternoon.

Wait a minute! All I really wanted to do today is write.

Distractions come in many forms.

Distractions come in many forms. If we are not careful, we can get pulled in many directions and never fulfill our purpose for the day. Even tasks can be be a distraction when we try to do them at the wrong time. Martha had the opporunity to sit and learn but she was distracted by everyday tasks.

Distractions have a way of being bold. They demand our attention right then and there. When pulled in so many directions, take the time to stop and hear what God is saying.

Master your tasks. Don’t let them master you.

By the way, when I decided to simply stop everything, I realized I had nearly missed a deadline that I had forgotten about. Thank God, I made it just in time. Now I am a confirmed speaker for an upcoming Virtual Telesummit. The organizer was waiting for me this morning and thought that I had changed my mind.

Refocus and recharge your energy today towards Purpose. Enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Sipper of Tea


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TGIF! It is Good

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: ~ Psalm 92:1


I think there is a different type of excitement that occurs on Fridays. Unlike any other day of the week, Friday afternoons hold a different anticipation and a different level of thanks.

There is the thankfulness for being kept another week. We made it through work, school and the various chores of the week. Nothing was strong enough to take us down. We can look back and see how God brought us through every single day.

I found a few articles that speak on the benefits of gratitude. All three are a great read. But I have to add to the benefits below.  For me, there is a great benefit for giving thanks to God. It is being in His presence offering thanks,  praise and adoration. This week, He has continued to be a keeper.

Attitude, Health and Relationships  Being Thankful: How Gratitude Benefits Your Health and Relationships (Caryn Talty)

Reduce Stress, Guarded from Negative Emotions, Relationships, Health THE GRATITUDE ADVANTAGE: FOUR WAYS GIVING THANKS IMPROVES YOUR LIFE  (Michael Hyatt)

10 (biblical) Benefits of Being Thankful Benefits of Gratitude , (Erica Mason)

Take some time this afternoon to give thanks and enjoy your tea!

Ayoka Boyce, minister, author, blogger and sipper of tea