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Living in the Moment

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble -Matthew 6:34

We live in the age of “moving on to the next thing”. Everything is about what’s happening next. Who is the next rising star? What is the next fashion trend? When you go to the store in the winter to try to shop for a sweater, you find yourself surrounded with next summer’s bathing suits (An absolute annoyance as my body is still in winter mode).

So it is little wonder that I find myself living in the fast forward lane to life. On to the next day and mentally listing all the things I have to do or what’s on the agenda because what I do today effectively has an impact on tomorrow. But hardly do I stay on the path of today. By days end, I find that I hadn’t really been present. I hadn’t lived in the present. How many of us do that?

Don’t feel bad, God said in Matthew 6:34 for us not to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Now He wasn’t talking about not preparing for tomorrow. That’s different.  Careful planning is a necessity of life because it alleviates unnecessary worry. We are to prepare what needs to be done for the next day, and then leave it there.

Oftentimes, I prepare for the next day, and I’m still in the next day not paying any attention to what’s going on in front of me.  In time, before you know it, the kids will have grown, precious moments will have been missed, and loved ones will have transition from this life to the next, and what do we famously say? ‘Where has all the time gone?’ Or ‘Time is moving so fast.’ Yea it goes by quick. And if you are not diligent enough to be present in the present, you will miss it.

God by His grace gave us right now, this moment. Today. Live in it! I’ve gotten in the habit of asking God to keep my mind to focus on the now, and He is faithful. Besides, God is so Awesome. He already knows what we need before we even ask him. (Matt 6:8) and He leaves no stone unturned (Phil 1:6).  He even fulfills needs that may have slipped my mind.  He’s that good. It’s also an awesome thing to be present in His presence.

Don’t let worries creep into your quiet moments with Him. He’s already in tomorrow and He has taken care all of the details (Matt 6:31).  Don’t let today pass you by.

Enjoy your coffee, and live in the moment

Lavahn Davis ~ Writer, loves God, hubby and kids…. the rest are just fringe benefits


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What Good Can Come of This?

“Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”- Matthew 6:27

“If I had a dollar for every time I (fill in the blank here) I’d be rich,” How many times have we said that?  For me, the blank space would be filled with the word worry.

I used to worry. A LOT. So much so, that if worry was a trade, I’d be a success.  In fact, I wouldn’t consider it a normal day, unless I found something to worry about. And guess what? No coins were added to my bank account as a result.

The only thing worrying ever got me was a trip to the ER. I realized then, worrying was not part of what God had for me. I can hear God saying, ‘why didn’t you just bring this to me in the first place?’ Yet for every time we do something negative or of no value, we continue, and lo and behold we are not edified as a result of it. Jesus said something similar, How many of us can add height to our stature by doing it? (Matt 6:27). In other words, what good can you gain from worrying? I think we all know the answer to that, none.

Worry adds to our stress, anxiety, and the rise of our blood pressure.  Yet nothing good ever comes from doing it. Now that is not to say that we don’t have cares or concerns in this life. We do! It’s a part of living. The welfare of our loved ones, finances, our health- the list goes on. But concerns should prompt us to take them to God in prayer.  The opposite of worry is prayer.

Furthermore, the Word of God instructs us what to do with our concerns. He said to cast them upon Him (1 Pet 5:7).

As a wife and a mother to three, certainly I have plenty to worry about. However, I worry less, because I am learning to let God handle my concerns. I take it to Him. I share my thoughts and feelings about them with Him. I ask Him how to handle situations, His opinion about them, or if I should leave it alone. And you know what?  The things I’d worry about, either never happened, wasn’t as big a deal as I thought or God handled it better than expected.  I found that the weight of stress and worry lifted off of me.  And what good came out of that? Peace that surpassed all understanding (Phil 4:7).

Some days it is a struggle for me to let go of worry. As a reformed worry wort, sometimes old habits die hard, as they say.  The enemy never misses an opportunity to fill my head with worry and doubt. Walking in faith and trusting God is an ever-learning process. So I have to consistently remind myself no good can come from worrying but to take it to Him in prayer.

It’s like being a child bringing our problems to mommy and daddy and taking comfort in the fact that they will fix it. They’ve  got this, and all will be right in the world.  What a relief!  The same it is with God our Father.

Don’t worry.  Take your concerns to Him. He’s got this. He’s got you.

Lavahn Davis ~ Writer, loves God, hubby and kids…. the rest are just fringe benefits


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Who, me?

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” Ex:3:11

Has God ever called you to do something and you’re like, “Who, me? Are you talking to me? You cannot really be asking me to do this…. But God?  I don’t know. Me? Really. Me. For real?”

Recently my sister-friend asked if I could help her out and contribute to a project.  I was hesitant. I knew that I should say yes. that I needed to say yes. Otherwise it would be a missed opportunity and I would live to regret it. I knew that the proposition was God ordained even without her telling me that it was (she later shared with me that God indeed had instructed her to ask me.) And the minute that I said okay (and I was shaking in my boots when I did) thoughts of inadequacy and doubt surfaced. “Is she sure? Is this for me? what if I mess this up? What if I end up looking like a fool? Can I do this? I haven’t done on anything like this in like…..ever!”

On and on, these thoughts rolled around my mind like a rock. It was then I was reminded of Moses when God had called him to lead his people out of Egypt to the Promise Land. Moses sat there and listed all the reasons why God had gotten the wrong man for the job. And God promised Moses that He would be there each step of the way. Moments of doubt and insecurity can creep in when we feel that we are less than what the task God is calling us to do. We feel that because we lack certain credentials or experience in the matter, surely we are not qualified. But God doesn’t operate like that. He doesn’t want us to rely on “chariots” or own abilities because the glory wouldn’t go to Him.

We would never know how big God really is if we weren’t painfully aware of our shortcomings.  I told this same bestie of mine that by doing this I will be ‘jumping off the cliff’. To which she replied, Jump! There is a scene in this Indiana Jones movie where Indiana is standing at the edge of a cliff. He has to get to the other side. Problem is there no bridge-that he can see. The thing of it is, the bridge will only appear if he believes that the bridge is there even if he can’t see it. But first, he has to step out.  He closes his eyes, raises his foot, and takes a step. When he opens his eyes he finds that he is standing on a solid surface. The bridge appeared because he believed it was there. If he doubted, he would’ve went tumbling down into the ravine. See what just happened there?  We spend so much of our time wondering if we are good enough when all we have to do is trust in the One who is.

We are often plagued by our insecurities wondering if we are up for the task. God had to point out to Moses it wasn’t about his ability. It was about what Moses could do through God (Phil 4:13). HE is all Moses needed.  I’m not comfortable doing this new thing. And I guess that’s the point of it too. God has to move me out of my comfort zone just as He had to move Moses out of his. And just like Moses, I listed every reason why He couldn’t possibly be talking to me.  He’s moving me to a place where I am learning to put my trust in Him. And that’s no easy feat.

Is God calling you to something else? Are you on the edge of a cliff that leads to your divine purpose? What un-comfort zone is God moving you to? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and trust His Word. Take that next step. The bridge will appear.

Enjoy your coffee, grab a hold of God’s hand and jump!

Lavahn Davis ~ Writer, loves God, hubby and kids…. the rest are just fringe benefits