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My News from Last Week

Happy Monday!

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news first? Well, I’ll just go ahead and get the ‘bad’ news out of the way.

I am no longer employed. I had to turn in my resignation last week, or else the job was going to process me as terminated as of today. I’ve been in leave and I needed to secure another position on the company within 60 days. Today is day 60.

So that is the bad news. You may be thinking, ‘ Oh no, what is Ayoka going to do?’ And that brings me to the good news…

The good news is that I am no longer there. I had a toxic relationship with my manager. I am now officially free from him.

I am also free to apply myself for new and better positions without feeling guilty or unsure of myself.

I am leaving the job with over 8 years of mortgage banking, analyst, and management experience. My Office skills are exceptional. And I also worked for and earned my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. I did not have any of those things when I walked in the door 8 years ago.

I’m leaving the job as a published author of 4 books. Had I not been there, I would not have been co-workers with best selling author BLUNT, who introduced me to bring an author. She read a Christmas play that I had written for church and told me that I was an author. She then guided me through the process of being published.

Last but not least, I’m leaving the job with hope. The last 2 and a half years there, I felt hopeless. I didn’t see things getting better, and they didn’t. Today, I rejoice in hope.

I’m back to the basics. Applying for jobs, going to interviews and even being turned down. (I was turned down for one just last week) Still, I completely trust God. I would have been miserable on that job. The lady who interviewed me even told me she couldn’t see me staying there working for the wages offered. But, my resume sure looks better than it did eight years ago!

So here’s my Monday Motivation. Just in case you may find yourself in a situation similar to this.

  1. You are headed in the right direction. If you were going full speed in the wrong direction, wouldn’t you want someone to help you get on the correct path? Trust God, He directs your path.
  2. Starting over does not mean that you have to start from the beginning. You are simply starting fresh with more experience and knowledge.
  3. Speak well, with confidence. Your past doesn’t break you, it makes you. Don’t discount your experiences or yourself.
  4. David encouraged himself in the Lord. He was king, he had the promises of God and still, he knew that he had to encourage himself and not let his present situation make him depressed. If David knew to do it, then follow his example. Encourage yourself daily, throughout the day, with God’s Word because He speaks well of you.

And David was greatly distressed;….. but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. ~ 1 Samuel 30:6

I pray this encourages you. Now I’m off to start my day with Prayer, Coffee and Applications. Enjoy your coffee and power up your day.

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, and Lover of Coffee

6 thoughts on “My News from Last Week”

  1. I admire both your courage and spirit! You are a beacon to others in a circumstance that some might view as negative. You see the true path that is being laid before you by God, and he will see you through to your next assignment in His name.

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  2. That was me December 2015. I left a job and career where I have a B.S. in but was extremely mentally and physically abusing. On paper, I was an ASCP certified clinical laboratory scientist. I loved the work but my job was becoming more automated, less hands on. My manager was asking for me to exceed their expectations in which they did not even know what that meant. For 7 years, I had to work night shift, working every weekend and holiday. They refused me 3 times for my requests to change my hours and a promotion. I was so used to the abuse and unhappiness. I was numb to what I loved, wanted, or to my passion. When my husband asked me to quit (which was an act from God himself), I did. After putting out nearly 25 serious job application. I threw a dream job application in at the last minute. For 7 months, I did not get NOT ONE call back, not one. On Friday, at 4:45 pm, I put in an application in to be an instructional assistant. I always love teaching, always. I just thought my chance to teach has past me by. I have been a lab scientist for a little over 12 years. I knew how to do what I did as a CLT in my sleep. Being a teacher would be charting into new territory. To make this story short, they called me on that Monday morning, I interviewed with them on Wednesday, they called and gave me the job on Thursday. I have been an instructional teaching for 1 1/2 years now. I am currently studying to being certified to teach math and science through the career switcher program. I only have to go to school for 4 months. I plan on teaching math and science with a STEAM approach in a business I am opening up. Look at God! I cannot believe where I am at right now. I feel like I am living a dream and enjoying the journey. Be encouraged and know that God is awesome in our lives when we heed his timing.

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    1. That is an amazing testimony and I definitely needed that encouragement. Congratulations on everything you are acheiving. I can say, I feel 100 free to pursue and expand and I’m praying God reveals the direction for my next career move


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