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A New Season

For behold, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone ~ Song of Solomon 2:11

Driving yesterday from Virginia Beach back to Richmond I drove through rain, sleet then heavy snow. By the time I reached Williamsburg, it was a light rain. Before I got arrived in Richmond, the skies were blue with a trace of dampness in the air. My best friend Toni said it best. Virginia is one state where you will experience all four seasons in the same week!

I love the Spring, never been a fan of the winter. I like seeing the buds come out and transform to flowers and leaves. The entire season reminds me that I made it past the winter days of long and cold nights. Everything comes to life again, full of great hopes and possibilities.

The spring is a time for change, we change our wardrobes. We change our heavy coats for lighter jackets. We pack up heavy sweaters for shorter sleeved shirts. We go through closets and attics for spring clean-up. In essence, it is a season for removing things that weigh us down so that we can move forward.

The season gives me a reason to change. I can put off bitterness, because I am in a new season. I don’t have to be offended by anyone’s actions, because I am in a new season. I can let go of fears, because I am in a new season. I can go forward in ministry and business, because I am in a new season. And if anyone asks, “Why today, why now? You’ve been in a mood for the last two weeks”. I can simply say, because I am in a new season.

The best part of entering into a new season is knowing that God can bring change to any and everything. If something in life has been weighing you down, if you have strongholds that have held you down, rejoice because you are in a new season!

Enjoy your coffee today and Power up your day!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee




1 thought on “A New Season”

  1. Thank you for this encouraging post! I am learning to trust that regardless of the desert I have been wandering in, that I can go ahead boldly into a new season:)


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