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Excuses, Excuses

But without exception they all began to make excuses. ~ Luke 14:18

There is a new mall being built about two miles from my home. I admit, it has been exciting to see the construction from the demolition of the old building to the raising of the new. What has been the most fun is guessing which stores will actually be occupying the mall. So far, I have one correct, Walmart, which given the size of the building, it wasn’t too hard to figure out!

I was very excited to see a Planet Fitness (PF) gym. The next closest one is at least 15 miles away. With my favorite gym down the street, there should be nothing stopping me now. I am getting the ultimate thick girl’s beach body! 

I know better than to think that the proximity of the gym is going to be my cure all. If that were the case, there is a fully functioning gym at work, exactly 2 floors underneath my desk that is always available to me.  It’s is March and I haven’t stepped inside of that gym this year.

I’ve been using excuses and if I’m not careful, this new gym will end up on my excuse list as well. I had to ask myself these questions…

Am I looking for something outside of me to be the answer to my problems?

Now that PF is practically around the corner, which excuse will I use if I don’t make it there?

Jesus told us the story about people who made excuses.  They only had to show up to the banquet, but even that was more than they were willing to do. Unless we are willing to complete the task, in spite of obstacles or ease, then we are simply making excuses.

It is so easy to pass judgment on the people in the Bible but it is so difficult to see their stories as a mirror image. Want to recognize an excuse?

  1. There is no plan in place to overcome the supposed obstacles
  2. The task or job is not a high priority to complete
  3. There is an underlying fear of not being able to meet the goal

That being said, I don’t have a workout plan (yet), working out is really not a high priority in my daily to do list (that is just the truth) and of course I’m afraid of failing. I don’t want to work out and not see any lasting results.

I am working these questions out, for the gym and the other  99 things that I have excuses for. I am determined that 2017 will be better. Enjoy some coffee and power up your day

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee


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