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Expiration Date, March 4th…

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted ~ Matthew 5:4

I can remember the events as though it were yesterday. About 7:27 in the morning I received a call from the hospital.  “I’m sorry but your dad has expired.”. I told the caller,  I didn’t understand what he was saying. “Expired?”

What was my father, some bad eggs or some old milk? I didn’t know that when he said my dad had expired, he was saying that he died. Once I realized what had just happened,  my anger turned toward the man from the hospital. I didn’t like anything he was saying so I simply hung up on him. 

Well,  he may have passed away,  but he is not expired. I see him in so many of my ways and habits. I even see his influence on my love of writing and my love for reading.

My dad taught me how to read at the age of 3 years old. I was not reading ‘cat, hat, or  red’ but I could pick up any adult book at that young age and begin to read out loud without stumbling. I had pretty good comprehension of what I was reading and because of him I still have my joy for reading and my passion for writing.

But,  I stayed on punishment.  He was tough… no going outside;  I had to read a book and write a composition.  If he was really angry,  I had to do spelling, definitions and sentences from the dictionary.  Somehow, I kept being a smart mouth! Maybe he saw something in me then. ..

Today,  I won’t mourn. Instead,  I’ll celebrate his life. No more work today,  I’m simply going to find someplace quiet and read. I’ll write tomorrow.

Enjoy your coffee,  spend time wuth loved ones,  and power up your day

Ayoka Boyce ~ Author, Minister, Blogger, Lover of Coffee,  Daddy’s girl


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