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Frustration or Motivation

Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct he should show his works done in the gentleness that wisdom brings ~ James 3:13

I did not have the best sleep last night. I replayed the day in my head because I saw something in my conduct that I was not too proud of.

The church had an afternoon bowling outing yesterday. When it was planned, I started my ‘bragging rights’. It started out in fun. Bowling is an activity that my family has done for years. All was well until I bowled my first frame – and it was nowhere near a strike. Immediately, I felt very real feelings of shame and anger. Why didn’t I knock all of the pins down? Why is everyone else doing so much better than me?

After almost every frame, I walked away from the group. I actually hurt to watch my brothers and sisters get strikes and spares after I would bowl a six and a gutterball. What was supposed to be an afternoon of bonding, I turned into an afternoon of isolation, bitterness, and a very real fear of losing.

Thankfully, the very real God we serve, had a nice chat with me. During one of my ‘walk-aways’ He proposed the question, “Are you going to stay  frustrated that you don’t have the highest score or are you going to get motivated to knock down the pins? I answered that I really wanted to knock down the pins. He told me to go back, get my posture together and knock the pins down.

I went back to the lane. Took deep breaths. My posture was intentional and I walked straight toward the foul line. With my eyes focused on the pins, I rolled the ball with the strength and follow through that was needed to knock down them down.  Boom! They started going down. Had I concentrated on my own game at first,  I could have had a better afternoon.

Our feelings and emotions, if not checked, can quickly overtake us. However, we have the choice to either become frustrated or to become motivated. Frustration will turn us backwards so it can lead us back to a familiar place. Motivation will push us to reach our fullest potential with our eyes being focused on God and not on what another person is doing.

When we see others moving forward, and we are not quite at the pace or the place that we desire to be, remember these three things:

  • A person, contest, etc does not determine your value or potential
  • Your overall success is not wrapped up in the success of failure of a single event or status
  • Another person’s success does not diminish your value or your purpose

Be great and recognize your own value. Enjoy your coffee and Power up Your day.

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee


1 thought on “Frustration or Motivation”

  1. This is powerful. I tend to be competitive with games at times, but this is a great reminder. Focus on your frame and be the best you can be. Thank you!


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