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Clothe yourselves with the full armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil  ~ Ephesians 6:11

Happy Friday! I pray that you all have had an awesome week, full of smiles and progress. For me, it has been an overall good week. However, I have noticed that something is trending again, distractions.

I have gotten much better with time-management. I have been arriving places on time and meeting deadlines. This week, a few things caught me off guard and I found myself becoming distracted.

Normally, I would simply say that I have to do better, but I had to look a little deeper. Almost every day this week, I have been late with the blog. And it is causing me worry (that is a no-no).

A couple of reasons why this blog exists

  1. First, this blog allows me the opportunity for daily bible study and application of the Word of God to my life. For the last two years, I participated in an online bible reading program that allowed me to read the bible in full in one year. Since I have done it two years in a row, I knew that in 2017, I needed to do more.
  2. This blog is a daily reminder to myself, and readers, not to wake up worrying. Did you realize that worry is a part of fear and fear is a Stronghold? Strongholds in our lives must be torn down, or else we will be subject to going in circles for our entire lives.

When I look at the bigger picture, I can understand why the enemy would scheme to get me distracted away from the blog. So if the distractions are working, then I am not wearing the full armor. I have to ask myself:

Am I missing the belt of truth?
Is my breastplate of righteousness in its place?
Are my feet fitted with the gospel of peace?
Has my shield of faith become too heavy for me to carry?
Is the helmet of salvation on my head?
Do I have my only weapon, my sword, with me at all times?

Are you fully dressed today? I see I have to revisit my wardrobe. Going out half-dressed just won’t cut it anymore.

Enjoy your Friday. Stay Productive and stay happy. Enjoy your coffee and Power up your day

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee



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