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You will keep perfectly peaceful the one whose mind remains focused on you, because he remains in you. ~  Isaiah 26:3

Last night, I had to visit a salon that I had never been to before. I knew the general area where it was, and I used the phone for Navigation. That sounded good except I put the wrong address in the phone and walked into the wrong salon.

Completely embarrassed, I headed back to my car, and drove according to the GPS. This time, the phone sent me in the opposite direction. After 10 minutes of driving, the GPS now said I was 20 minutes away. Then I noticed it was prompting me to ‘re-center’.

I did just that. I re-centered. Pulled the car over, got the correct address, then doubled back in the correct direction. I arrived 45 minutes late and the salon was only one block away from where I originally was.

I had to re-center this morning. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. It is a full plate at work today. As I  was preparing for my next meeting, I realized the time and I still have not posted this blog. And out of nowhere the thought comes, ‘so just don’t blog today’.

Oh, I see what this is now. No, I will just skip going downstairs for a break. I am blogging. This is ministry!

The more I am studying the Word, the more I realize that life is not as random as I thought it was. Everything happens for a reason. Every action and every non-action  has a pending result.

Three questions to ask yourself when you need to re-center

  1. Why do you do this?
  2. What is the purpose God has for you to do it?
  3. Why do you think you are being distracted from completing it?

Just a few thought for this mid-morning. I’ve had my first cup of coffee but I think a second cup will be coming soon. Enjoy your coffee, stay focused and Power up your day

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee


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