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She was full of…

And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. ~ Luke 10:41

Worry is a choice

Martha was so busy, seemingly taking care of the needs of her extraordinary houseguest, that she became full of worry. The more she worried, the more she worked. Vice versa ~ the more she worked, the more she worried. Perhaps this was part of who Martha was, a worrier.

Her going back and forth must have been troublesome. Was she worried that her home was not good enough for her special guest? Or perhaps she was not satisfied with what she had to offer Him. We know that her thoughts were so consuming that she just could not keep still.

Jesus did not address her actions, instead he spoke to her heart. Her heart was full of worry and trouble. With such a full heart, there was no room for Martha’s heart to receive the words of life.

We have never been instructed to worry. Worry is a part of fear. It is a type of fear that is practiced and rehearsed within our heads and our hearts. Worry gives life to fear. If is is not cast down, it can produce very real and negative manifestations in our lives.

The difference between Martha and Mary

Mary sat down in the presence of Jesus. She allowed Him to minister to her heart. Martha never gave Him a chance. On the flip side, Martha became angry at Mary because she expected her to be as flustered as she was.

Have you ever been there, worried about a situation and angry at everyone around you  because they don’t seem to be concerned or worried? You seem to be the only person caryying the weight of worry and fear.

Remember, we were never instructed to worry. Don’t let worry consume your morning. Cast your cares on Him.

Be encouraged this Valentines’s Day! Spend time with Jesus and let him speak life into your heart. Surely, He has the right words to fix everything that is ailing the heart!

Enjoy your coffee, and power up your Valentine’s Day!

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee





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