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Five Dollar Fill-Up

He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. ~ Psalm 23:3

I gave a friend a ride this week and an Expedition passed us. The friend said, ‘you should get a truck like that’. No way. I had an truck once and the price to fill the tank is more than I am willing to pay. I can drive my car for two days on five dollars worth of gas. 

For two weeks, I was struggling with feelings of ‘not being good enough’ but I was not allowing God to restore me as needed.  I was even so tired that I considered not blogging. And I realized, there is something very wrong that is happening.

 My life has changed but I haven’t. I have been going to Him in my usual way, trying to survive off of a ‘Five dollar fill up’, when I truly need more of Him to be restored. Sort of like expecting the $5.00 of gas that I put in my Versa to have the same impact as putting $5.00 of gas in an Expedition. It just won’t go very far.

As we continue to grow and be elevated, we get uncomfortable. What used to fit, just does not seem to be good enough. If not careful, we spend all of our energy trying to ‘maintain’ our lifestyle instead of allowing God to transition us to new stages and new level s in life.

This Sunday , I am anticipating a true Fill up at the Sanctuary. Allow God to restore you fully on a daily basis. Enjoy your coffee and Power up your day.

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee



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