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I am Fighting Today

Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses ~ 1 Timothy 6:12

Believe it or not, I almost didn’t blog today….

I have been in my emotions this morning. That usually does not turn out to be a good thing. And that would be why this blog is late this morning. I usually try to find something encouraging to say. My emotions told me there was nothing special to talk about today

Then I had to think a little more…

The truth is, most of us have those moments. The feeling comes and we are ready to give up and walk away from everything. It is not necessarily because anything is wrong but simply because of a mood.  Well, let me call it what it is, a stronghold. For me, that feeling is usually the first steps toward depression.

Now that I have identified what the real fight is, I turn to the scripture, Fight the good fight of faith. We were called to this life of purpose. We fight with faith because our faith is stronger than the strongholds that come against it. Our faith knows to rely on the strength of God’s power even when our spirits are ready to give up.

Fight the good fight

All week, we have talked about having the Mindset to Finish. I encourage you to keep the mindset to finish, to fight the good fight of faith, and to continue to walk in you purpose.

Last day of consecration today; 10 days without coffee. I will be back on tomorrow, but enjoy your coffee and Power up your day through faith.

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of Coffee




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