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Prove it!

Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties ~ Psalm 139:23

Sunday’s tend to be a day of thinking. We reflect on the week prior, and before the day is over, we make plans for the days to come.

Life does not always move at the pace we want it to move. We may not see success as quickly as we would like. As we evaluate our week, there is the task of proof: what was a complete waste of time and what actions were a good investment of time for future success.

There is Proof in the Promise

Remember in the book of Malachi (3:10) , God even tells us to prove His method! Tithing comes with the proof that He pours from the windows of heaven blessings that overflow, planted seeds will grow to harvest, enemies that would come to take from us will be rebuked, those around us will call us blessed and our land and life will be delightful.

Look for the Proof

As we reflect, we may find that some of our best laid plans did not work. Other plans, we may not have executed. We may need to sort through the week, to prove what actions successfully moved us toward our purpose. Evaluate these three questions:

1. What do you need to see to prove progress?
2. Is there a timeline to show your progress?
3. If you have not seen any proof of progress, how will you adjust your actions?

Don’t wake up worrying about what has not been working. Evaluate and seek proof. Enjoy your coffee and power up your day!

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