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Designating Purposed Time

There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Will you adapt to your purpose for today? On  most Saturdays, things happen and the day does not quite go as planned.

I’m determined that today will not be that day for me. I’ve been speaking about time management because that is something that must be mastered in my life.  I must master my time every day in order for me to achieve the purpose in my life.

This morning,  I remembered my purpose for today.  I have tasks that must be done today such as laundry, some housework, and other chores.  I also need to pre scheduled posts for social media,  emails, and to do meal prep.  In other words, anything that I can get complete today that will free up this week is what I need to complete.

The Bigger Picture

Okay, everyone has chores to do on Saturday’s but there is a bigger picture to this purpose. If my evenings next week are free,  I can do that one thing that keeps me breathing, writing.I have a book that needs to be completed so that it can be published before June.  I also have a large book event that I am a part of in NYC in August.  If this book isn’t finished, I will feel the consequences in June and August.

Yes, this one weekend week impact the success of the rest of my year.

Everyday we have a purpose.  

What is your purpose for today? Choose to use time for the value that it presents to you. Here are a few tips for planning purposeful weekend activities.

  • If sleeping in is a desire then plan for it. Set a time that you will get up and stick to it
  • Allow extra time for outside activities. It’s unlikely that you can pick up groceries in 30 minutes. Include the cushion so that your schedule doesn’t fall behind
  • Make a list of anything that can be pre-scheduled (meals, social media, blogs)
  • Designate specific time toward your pre-scheduling activities
  • Designate 15 minutes to move. Put on some music and dance! Get your blood flowing and your creativity moving. (This is so much fun to do!)
  • Designate your finish time. You have family and friends that would love to spend time with you. Enjoy the fellowship.

Designate your time today! Enjoy your coffee and power up your day!

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Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of coffee


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