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Who is my Distraction?

Make me know Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. Psalm 25:4

The race that many began on Monday has already fizzled out for many. Diets have been abandoned , plans tossed aside and ideas with great intentions and potential have yet to be implemented. It can easily become disappointing to look back and see half of the week has passed without much personal progress.

I thought back on all of the distractions that I had since Monday. Admittedly, I am rather disappointed in everything that I have yet to get done. And this morning, I asked God, what is the purpose of the distractions?

I asked Him this as I drove in minor frustration because other drivers seemed to be in my way

I asked Him because the project I wanted to finish last night did not get touched

I asked Him because my to do list is getting backed up and I don’t want to be overwhelmed again

What is the point of the distraction?

I saw myself in the mirror. I was fussing at other drivers. God said, “none of these drivers are thinking about you or what time you have to be at work. you should have left on time.”

And I thought, ‘well I would have been on time but’… then I saw myself again. No excuses. I caused my own distractions.

Lord, teach me to do better!


We can spend the rest of our lives blaming distractions. We can continue to rehearse our past and never move into our future. Or, we can look closer at the distractions. What is God showing us?

Is He showing us how to be better time managers?

Is He teaching us to be accountable for making good food choices for our health?

Is He saying that we should limit our social media scrolling and work more on purposeful work?

Just some purposeful thinking this morning.


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