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Taking Him out of the Box

I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Your words.~ Psalm 119:14

Last week, I was expecting an important piece of mail. I had hoped for it on Tuesday, expected it on Wednesday and nearly chased the mail carrier down for it Thursday.

My mail carrier delivers faithfully but I rarely celebrate her arrival  until she brings something that I want. Usually, I can leave the mail in the box for days. When I don’t need something, I don’t think about her at all.

How I put God in a box

I often hear, “Don’t wait to call on God when you need Him. Talk to Him all the time.” Admittedly, when things get tough, I talk to Him a lot more than usual. The sense of worry drives me to seek immediate answers and instant gratification from my trouble.

It isn’t a good look. I know that He is so much more than a problem solver. My actions put God in a box. My actions say that “I am going to seek you now because I need you now. But I may not neccesarily seek you tomorrow, if this gets fixed today.” When I don’t seek Him daily, I don’t have the full relationhip or benefit of being in His presence. I don’t get to hear His voice everyday.

Ouch. I have to do better

I desire to have a stronger and more meaningful relationship with God. Let me seek Him with the same intensity each morning. Let me desire to hear His words in my life every day. Let me get up earlier so that I don’t rush His time.

I’m stepping on my own toes this morning. Beginning tomorrow,  I’ll be getting up earlier. Enjoy your coffee and power up your day.

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