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Friday the What?

 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. ~ 1 Timothy 4:7 

I had to catch myself this morning.

One of my coworkers is mildly superstitious. You would laugh if you ever saw 3 of us walking through the building to the cafeteria. Two of us will purposely ‘split a pole’ to irritate the coworker.

Always the prankster, I came in to work, thinking of a Friday the 13th prank.Why did I immediately feel convicted? Was I really purposely plotting vex someone?  Was I really saying that today is not a good day?

I realized that today, is just as awesome as any other Friday. There is no ‘bad luck’ associated with the day that the Lord made. Why would I purposely play into someone else’s genuine fear when I could spend that same energy speaking of how magnificent today is?

I’ll  be behaving today, being purposeful in my words and actions. And maybe if I’m feeling generous later, I may share some coffee from the coffee stash I have in my desk!

Be Purposeful! Enjoy your coffee and power up your day!

Join me each morning with Morning Coffee and Daily Inspirations

Ayoka Boyce ~ Minister, Author, Blogger, Lover of coffee



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