Heart’s Intention

I have hidden Your Word in my heart, so that I might not sin against You. ~Psalm 119:11

Certain times of the day we desire to have particular things. In the mornings, I desire to desire to have a cup of coffee. Throughout the day, I desire to have water.

But this desire, more than the cravings in the body, speaks of a great desire not to sin against God. The psalmist shows an intentional action to retain the Word in such a way that he can recollect and walk accordingly. This desire, lined up with intentional action shows how to walk on purpose.

I came to work today, just a little flustered over the work that needed to be done. My coworker reminded me this morning, that some things require additional action. Where I was trying to retain a lot of details in my head, she simply said to print out a few planning pages, and write down my tasks. Sounds simple, but I had not done it. This intentional act frees my mind from having to retain details. A week’s worth of unnecessary stress is eliminated by making an intentional move.

Enjoying my rest of my afternoon with tea. And I am grateful for my mini intervention.

Take some time this afternoon to move intentionally and enjoy your tea.





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