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Get Counsel

Without counsel plans fail,but with many advisers they succeed. ~ Proverbs 15:22

I am a planner by design. I am not as spontaneous as many think I can be. I think things through, analyze and strategize the right approach before doing it. It seems like a long and exhausting process for you to undergo. However, it becomes the best way to design your life or business.

Getting counsel is important when you are ready to take on a new business venture . Don’t plan and despise counsel because you feel threatened by the input of others. I know that everything I have ever planned or done has succeeded based on the counsel and advisers I have had.

There is nothing that will succeed in your life without advisement. I am not saying become co-dependent on others, but seek out those with Wisdom in the area you are looking to grow or develop in your life. I wanted to be successful in healthy eating, and I sought out an adviser to assist.

The problem with non-successful people is they don’t like to seek advisers. Have you ever thought how does an NBA player leave the court and become a business tycoon? They have sought out advisers and wise counsel. Have you wondered why you are not moving forward in your business or personal goals?

Yes, I know we have the Holy Spirit, and people say that is all you need. Well, I challenge you to go further and get wise advisers to help you excel. Business development, cities infrastructure, and nations are not maintained off of the mind of one person. There is always a board of advisers.

Just think, even heaven has a counsel! If God required a council of elders around his throne, why don’t you have a counsel around your business or life goal? Follow the design of God, and success is destined for you.

Now, remember I am a prophetic teacher. So, here is your tea time question

Do you have a counsel of wise advisers around your ventures? If not, why? If so, do you follow or use the advice given?

Sip your tea!

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Samantha Singletary,  MBA , CEO of Royal 8 International Tea, Author, Prophetic Teacher, Mother of 3



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