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About Isolating Yourself…

A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment. ~ Proverbs 18:1

Have you ever thought it is best to just be alone? Did you ever realize isolation is selfish? Have people told you it’s not good to isolate yourself, and you thought, oh yes it is?

Solomon who had the wisdom of God, said isolation is not wise judgment. Isolation can lead to deep depression and the use of the idle mind.  The Bible says, “ an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” (Prov: 16:27-29).

Don’t allow your problems and issues to cause you to isolate yourself.  Push past those moments and locate someone to pray with you or talk to you. When Jesus went to pray, even he had the disciples nearby to watch over him.

I want you to challenge your thinking for the day. When you feel isolation creeping on you, ask yourself why do you desire to be isolated? If your answer is simply to be isolated,push past the emotions,  then choose wisdom to call someone to pray for you.

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Samantha Singletary,  MBA , CEO of Royal 8 International Tea, Author, Prophetic Teacher, Mother of 3


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